.Mohamed ElBaradei’s official resignation originally received in Arabic by email. Translation by Jay Roddy His Excellency Adly Mansour, Esq. President of the Republic I submit to you my resignation from the position of Vice-President of the Republic. I pray to God Almighty that he would protect our beloved Egypt from all evil, that he would […]

Official statement by the National Salvation Front published today, received originally by email in Arabic. Translation by Jay Roddy and Nawal Hegazy. Today, Egypt lifted her head high, announcing to the world her victory over not only all political forces that seek to traffic in the name of religion in Egypt and the region, but also […]


Update: Another Christian was let in…see note at the bottom. I was informed of a press conference that Muslim Brotherhood were hosting today, August 9, 2013, at the National Press Club in Washington DC. The conference is to be followed by a protest tomorrow in Freedom Plaza on August 10. I headed over this morning, […]


Originally published on EgyptSource Only a few days after former President Mohamed Morsi was ousted by the Egyptian armed forces, more than 200 Syrians refugees were deported from Cairo airport. Egyptian authorities had laid down new regulations for Syrians entering the country only hours before they arrived, sending them back to the Syrian town of […]

Al-Azhar Mosque

Wrote this a few weeks ago, but forgot about it in the events following–posting anyway. Sectarianism is not new to Egypt and in the post-revolution years, attacks on Christians have become increasingly common and violent. As the rule of the law and authority of the police have become memories of the Mubarak days, people have […]

Egypt’s street children had a lot to gain from the revolution. However, change has come slowly if at all, and in many ways, their cause has been pushed off course. Increasing poverty, a growing informal economy, and continued political instability, have proven challenges to the safety of these children. The issue of street children is […]

Good night sweet Cairo, wretched as you are… Sprawling city, claws sunk deep. Good night Cairo, holding the secrets of a life, A lifetime ending now. Good night oh revolution…once the lifeline of my day, Now to be fought and felt from far. Good night, good night to Cairo, to Egypt A roaring blast of […]

Egyptian Streets

Independent Media


From the photo editors of TIME

Street Girls - بنات شوارع

Notes from my research on female street children in Egypt

A stranger everywhere

For stories without a home


Documenting Egypt's Constitution-Drafting Process

Operation Egypt

Global solidarity with the people of Egypt

The Wanderer

Not all those who wander are lost - J.R.R. Tolkien


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