Change and the Future

Well, it’s that time of year when things start going downhill. It’s thanksgiving and soon it will be Christmas. I have no idea what things will be like next semester and not even next year. Where will I live? What friends will I have? New ones? Old ones? What will I be doing? Will I be successful?

All in all it is a bit strenuous on my mind but what strains me more is the world and the urgency of doing something. A woman in Saudia Arabia is being sentenced for 6 months in prison and receiving 200 lashes because she was raped although under the charges of “illegally mingling.”
Iran is in an uproar internally.
Palestine and Israel are due to have talks mediated by America and other Arab nations will also be there…will it work this time? Is it possible to have peace?

I don’t know

I feel like I am holding my breath and just hoping in the Almighty

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