Have you ever moved from one house to another? It’s pretty tough packing up everything and keeping organized at the same time. Have you ever moved overseas? It’s even tougher if you are bringing most of your stuff. I just did both in three months have managed to misplace all sorts of things. Well just imagine moving an island country to another island????!!??

BBC has reported that the President-elect of the Maldives, the first president who has been elected democratically (Mohamed Nasheed), has decided to set aside money they get from tourism as a sovereign wealth fund which is intended to buy new land for his nation for the future in case water levels rise and inundate the islands. Now, a few things need to be taken into consideration. First, the Maldives are the lowest set of islands/country in the world, only 3 feet above water level, so the concern is that the water levels may rise with global warming 60 cm over this next century, having already seen a rise of 20 cm in the last century. The second thing to consider is that the population is only 370,000, not too big in comparison to most nations.
But all in all, just imagine a whole country moving to another piece of land…!!
Now really, president-elect is just planning ahead for the future generations of his people. Maybe another 100 years, but he wants to protect the people from becoming environmental refugees if the water levels rise too much.
It’s really a wise move if such a thing is possible. Strange too. I’m glad I’m not the one going to be organizing that.

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