Our Own Wax Man

Our Own Wax Man
By AmiraM

Have you not heard the noise outside your door?
Or are you too old to hear?
Haven’t seen the pain in our eyes?
Or have you no heart to care?
Have you felt the tremble of grief?
Are you even alive?

We laugh and dance, we scream, we weep, we murder, and we die…
We are laughed at and danced around, we are screamed at, we are wept for, we are murdered, and we die…

Is that all there is?

You have sucked us dry of our vitality,
You’ve stripped us of our pride

We want you gone, but we don’t know how…
We want you gone, but you have deprived us of our intellect

I’ve heard that even you are not alive, that you are made of wax

It makes sense you know, as you sit from your wax palace and watch us suffocate
It makes sense you know, you don’t hear, nor do you see

GO AWAY we scream,
And you stay unchanged

BE GONE we weep,
You don’t move

We watch our lives disintegrate, and we trusted you…
You told us lies
We watched our lives fall apart, we trusted you again
And you told us lies once more

And so,
“When we have nothing left to burn, we shall set ourselves on fire.”

Then we’ll see your wax tears begin to fall,
We’ll watch you melt away
Goodbye Mr. President, our own wax man. Melt away, and let us breathe
Melt away and let us live.


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