Freedom of Religion? What?

So it seems to me that there are many in my country who don’t quite get what freedom is. Well, at least they refuse to admit that freedom would include freedom of religion. In my mind there are limits to freedom but it does stretch much farther than most people in Egypt. The way I see it, freedom doesn’t allow one to kill another (and that would include unborn babies), however, it does include the freedom for one to believe what they want.

But like I said, people don’t get it. They want a free democracy based off of Shari’aa Law. Is this possible? How do we have a free democracy when it is based off of a religion that not everyone believes in? By definition, it would not be a democracy…state democracy is secular, not religious. Ok, I’m sure some people can implement democracy within a religious denomination, but how can it be implemented with several factions and religion if the whole law is based off of only one?
Here in Egypt, for example, we have about 90% Muslim and the rest are a scattering of different denominations of Christians, some Jews, Bahai, and some other ‘illegal’ atheists. But the constitution was and maybe will continue to be based off of Islamic law. How does that allow freedom for everyone who is not Muslim? How does that allow freedom for even Muslims? I mean, they are Muslim because they are born into a Muslim family, and Christians are born into Christian families. They have no choice, there is no freedom.
Now, I’ll be honest, I’m an Egyptian Christian. So some think I may be voicing this concern because I am in the minority group, and although this may be true to some degree, lets get one thing straight. I am an American passport carrier from a well to do family and can leave whenever I want. I am not bound to stay here and thus suffer under discrimination and lack of privilege. But I choose to. I am here because I believe in this country. And it is sad to see us break away from one dictator to fall into a form of government that doesn’t live up to what they died for, a FREE democracy. Maybe it won’t be an Islamic nation like Iran, but it won’t be better than it was before, which in itself wasn’t so great. The darkness had lifted over this country for a few days, but I feel it falling again; people being forced to live and breathe in certain ways because thats what they are supposed to do.

One thought on “Freedom of Religion? What?

  1. >I share your concerns. I am hoping for the day religion is out of IDs and all sorts of personal identification, but I don't think this day would be close. This will happen only when we start practicing democracy. We'll go through the whole cycle of progress, and it will take us years rather than decades to reach modernity.

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