A Death Tomorrow

Tomorrow there will be a death. Predictable how you may ask. Well, a sweet family found out their unborn child has serious defects that even if she finished her full term of pregnancy and was born normally, she would still die. The little girl is only alive as long as she is in the womb, and yet the defects are so serious she is putting the mother at risk to die as well. And so a procedure will occur, the mother will live and the child has no chance.

Well what does this have to do with revolution, freedom and democracy? I guess it doesn’t but it hearing this news and knowing that this innocent child will die tomorrow has had a profound effect on me. I have heard of deaths all throughout my country and the Middle East since the start of the wave of revolutions, and cried for them. Yet it was noble death, a remembered death. Yet this little child, well, we called her family the night Mubarak stepped down and told him his baby girl would be born into a free Egypt, a new country. I guess those hopes will not be realized and it is sobering to think of all those who are suffering from loss in these last few weeks, here in Egypt, in Libya, in Tunisia and Yemen, and Bahrain and all the other countries who are fighting for their rights and freedom. So one more death and yet we fight on knowing that the generation to come will maybe have a better future.


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