Now is the Future Pt 2

I realize that the title of this post is repeated but I want to make a point. Now is the future.

What do I mean? Well, what we establish now, what we accomplish now, what we do now, is what we will be in the future. So without action now we won’t accomplish anything.

This is all in response to the prevalent attitude of “not now…mesh wa2to.” I have heard this about women’s rights, Christian rights, in general full equality.

What I don’t understand is how someone can think that, when that is what we heard before the revolution. I mean, I know its hard to change people over night, or even in 18 days, but seriously what is wrong with us. We spent so much time screaming at the corruption of our leaders and yet we have totally allowed our own evil to seep out into the open unnoticed.
Some people say it is scary, or it is dangerous, or we don’t want to overdo it…but commON folks. I don’t recall the revolution being a gentle horse-ride on the beach. We are not talking about something easy, we are talking about changing the very core of how our country has been running for decades…
You might say that comes with education…ok lets change the way we teach our children. .. .. .. *silence*. Oh wait, how do we do that? Yes I know education is the core of changing and making a country successful, but how else do you it if the government and ruling power is fundamentally against the very foundation of what we want to teach. I can go to communities, give lessons to children, but at the end of the day, these kids spend 8 hours at school, 2 hours in private lessons and the rest of the time at home. What does that leave me, 2-5 hours on Saturday to smile and try and erase all the crap they learned over the week? It doesn’t work like that. I admire all the initiatives that are taking place and I admire the people who are doing them…keep doing them. BUT that is not all. We have to influence the governmental officials, the political parties (the old and the new) and we have to speak louder and louder each day. If protests are yesterdays way of speaking out, then we will find todays, but I don’t ever want to hear people say, ‘lets just wait.’
The military is proving to be functioning and living off of the old system. When they don’t know what else to do, they hit and they hit hard. And because we are scared we are quiet…no, NO…we were quiet much too long and it is unwise to let the military think that we are that foolish.
So folks, you got the point…don’t just sit around and waste your time. Get involved now and every day we can think of new ways to push and fight against a still corrupt system and a still living regime. Remember, that now is our future, and no successful person ever just sat around and waited.

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