The Slippage of Democracy

Have you ever tried holding water in your hands? It cools your hands, slips through your fingers… a divine feeling until you realize that its gone in seconds. The feeling of water on a hot day in the desert. The spring and oasis of cool refreshment. That is what Feb 11 felt like. The hope of a not just a new day or year, but the hope of a new era. However, as each day passes, I feel like this democracy is slowly slipping between our fingers, dissolving in the hot sun and sinking away into the hot sand.

Sometimes I wonder if that is what the Armed Forces and their buddies are trying to accomplish. Give us a taste, a moment of coolness before they let our dream of democracy slip on by unnoticed. We know that they are trying fear tactics by torturing people and using violence regularly. They are allowing the Muslim Brotherhood and the NDP to strive and to politically flourish. They are pushing for amendments that will solidify power for themselves and the old regimes masked cronies. They tell us that they only want to go back to doing their job…but they refuse to accept our solutions. They push on with their own hidden agenda, or is it two agendas…maybe three?

Last night, as I was writing my last post on the Copts, there were yet more people being detained by the military in front of the Journalist Syndicate and the Museum and more than likely were and are being tortured. A couple of the names that I was able to get were Mostafa Essa, Mohamed Abu El Magd. But over all there were probably up to 20 people and it was these people that were protesting against torture and violence. #fury. Link to full list of names were posted by the blog Tahrir Diaries.

Here we go again, farther and farther away from democracy.

I am not saying this out of despair, or loss of hope. No, we will keep on fighting and pushing but we can only do this when we fight our real demon and real enemy. Our real enemy is clearly now the old regime cronies…the Armed Forces, NDP and the MB. Our real demon is ourselves, is the people of Egypt. If we give in to either the water will not only be gone, but will vaporize like steam in the wind.

Each day is a new fight and in these coming days as we approach the referendum we are fighting against our own ignorance and the forces of organized criminals. But even without the push to say yes coming from all around, we must realize that there are valid reasons for both sides, well at least to some degree. The only convincing reason that I have heard to vote yes is because it will get rid of the military faster. I suppose I am willing though to put up with the military a bit longer. The reasons to vote no are many and quite convincing. Not about to explain it all. Many others can explain it better than me. However, one last thing.

Vote No.


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