Violence in Imbaba

Last night we witnessed more deaths and injuries and violence in Imbaba, and as a result, the situation in Egypt grows more grave.

Again, the Salafis say it’s because of a girl who converted to Islam and then was kidnapped and held in an apartment near the Imbaba church. #sigh. I am constantly amazed at how these people (whether Salafi, thugs, or both) are willing to go to no end to get back one girl…What does she mean to them? Nothing really, it is all symbolic to them and nothing else. Yet the result of their actions are grave, very grave indeed.

Reports now say that this kidnap occurred two months ago and no police report had ever been filed. The man who claimed his wife had been kidnapped has potentially reported false information. Why? Well, he could be crazy and just causing problems. Or maybe he was instructed to in order to keep sectarian strife up once Kamelia had come on TV. Maybe it was felool of the old regime causing problems. We won’t ever really know.

However, these events are serving its purpose by isolating Christians even more and watering the seed of anger that is spurting out. Yes, sectarianism in Egypt is not a new phenomenon, and it is getting more attention now than before. Attacks are getting more frequent and more violent as well. Yet it still seems that some people don’t want to deal with it. It is our own huge ‘white elephant’ in the room that is keeping us from progressing and unifying. We want to believe that the utopia of Tahrir has affected all of society. But it hasn’t.

So, if you are one of those who thinks that we do not have this problem in Egypt, then please wake up. Stop pretending please.

However, in light of the events that happened in Imbaba and the violence against Christians, I do not recant my last post titled “Be Egyptian” or beliefs. Also closely related is a post titled “The Enemies of Our Revolution.” In fact, these has just solidified what I have been saying even more.

We all, Christians and Muslims need to be a part of the solution. And now. Not tomorrow, not when we have free time, not when we feel like it. Now.

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