Dear Mr. Obama, #NoSCAF

Dear Mr. President Obama,

I am writing this letter to you to ask you look down here, where we the Egyptian people are, and stop looking at the remnant cronies of Mubarak’s regime. If you do, you might start seeing things you don’t already see. Or maybe you will acknowledge the things you have already noticed and refuse to address.

I will not tell you about all the things SCAF has done over the past one hundred and one days, since I am sure you have a massive department of people who fill you in on important news as the events unfold. It would be repetitive to just say everything all over again. You can read it in my last post I wrote this morning about them.

However, I did want to point out a few things. Today, as I’m sure you know, is the day that all Egyptian bloggers are freely and unitedly writing against SCAF. I wrote one this morning and all day there have been mass amounts of blogs being published. Easily over 300 in fact. Yesterday, just to remind you since again I’m sure you know, SCAF published its 56th ‘notice’ telling the youth of the revolution to protect and stabilize SCAF as they nobly hold together the country during this transitional time. There was by no means any direct threats, but it sure was convenient that it came out one day before the whole blogging community was getting ready to ‘speak freely’ (God forbid). It all really feels like threats indirectly thrown at anyone who challenges or opposes SCAF.

Now Mr. Obama this is where I want you to focus. Today, SCAF told Al Jazeera about the blogging, in just these words, “this is freedom of expression, and we have no problem with it.” That was for you. Did you hear it? They don’t have a problem with freedom of expression or all of our blogs. Again, that statement was for you. SCAF knows that none of us will believe that or even hear it. Was it not just a few days ago that they refused the appeal to Maikel Nabil’s case? He is sentenced to 3 years of jail time, hard labor and a fine of 200 LE for insulting the army. And yet, now, they are saying they have no problem with it. I don’t need to point out that they are lying, although I just did, but I will anyway: They are lying. This old saying carries more truth to it than people give it credit, “Actions speak louder than words.” If SCAF has no problem with freedom of expression, then I demand an immediate release of Maikel Nabil. Now that is some real action.

So you get what I’m saying. SCAF is not speaking to us, because we do not forget. However, you are busy, bogged down with multiple revolutions, international problems and your own set of internal problems. You may forget, but I ask that you do not as well. Remember this when you deal with the Egyptian Army and SCAF, remember this when you send them funding, remember this when you give your wonderful speeches (they really are fabulous). Do not forget that SCAF is mocking us and quite literally playing hide-and-go-seek with us.

This letter is not to ask you to do anything drastic, although I would love to see the funding to SCAF redirected to the people and Egypt, but it is asking you to remember and never fall for SCAF’s games. I’ll like to add that Egyptians are a proud people and now we are very nationalistic. So we do not take these games well from our own military. As a result, we plan to throw our second revolution. This may be disturbing news to you but please understand that if we had a real democracy and real freedom and equality, then the USA would be much better off in the future. Bear with us as we continue the extensive process of deleting corrupt files from our system.

With much love,

A citizen of both your country and mine


3 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Obama, #NoSCAF

  1. Dear Mr Obama I would just like to highlight one *tiny* detail, like the lady said Egyptians have a long memory and we are in the midst of nationalistic fever, choosing to side with the SCAF and Military now over the very real needs and wants of the Egyptian people would appear to me atleast to be a bad choice in the long run! Good luck with the getting reelected thing!

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