What an Egyptian Girl Wants #EndSH

To you who sexually harass:

Respect me.

It’s simple really, and maybe you have never thought of it, but respect is what we want. When you look at me with your nasty eyes, guess what, I despise you and will never take you seriously in life, and I don’t respect you.

Am I flattered? No. Do I want you? Never. How about my self-esteem? I never will need your stares to have good self-esteem. No.

Are you seeing the trend? But I’ll tell you how I really feel so that I won’t let you and your dirty imagination guess. I won’t lie to appear stronger or unaffected. I am human too so here, listen and swallow this and imagine that it is your sister or daughter describing this and not a stranger.

Have you ever seen someone that you despise, the sort of despise that is a deep disrespect, hatred

I chose this photo because of it’s conflicting message. Where as many will see it as suggestive, I find it demanding respect. Beauty is something to be honored and not to be lusted after. Respect. Taken from http://www.e-oilpainting.com/goods.php?id=808

and rage? Thats how I feel when your nasty mouth talks to me. Do you remember that feeling of hugging the toilet as a kid vomiting and feeling like you are dying? Thats how I feel sometimes when your nasty eyes strip me. Have you ever felt like scrubbing the skin off of your body under a steaming shower? Thats how I feel after one of your nasty hands touch me.

The funny thing is that those feelings of rage and anger don’t crush me. They make me stronger, more independent and in less need of you or any of your kind. Respect me, and maybe one day you can gain my respect.

Or maybe that is not so simple for you. Maybe I should back up a few steps. You and your immaturity and your lack of respect for others and yourself only destroys you. You know that you have no self-control and you live in that knowledge of your failure. You also begin to live in fear. You will one day get married and lock your women behind doors and cloth because you yourself are a harasser of women and know what other men, like you, think and do. You will teach your boys to be the same as yourself (out of parent modeling), and you will watch your own failure spread.

I will not try to change you because that is not my responsibility but yours. I won’t try and spread some unheard of and profound knowledge about sexual harassment, it’s all been said before. I will only tell you one thing. Don’t ever talk to me, look at me, or even acknowledge my existence because I, in no way benefit from that recognition. My life is better off with out you. Stay away. And if you can leave my country so that my children and grandchildren will grow in peace, and you will be doing me and probably Egypt a favor.

With no love or regards,

-An Egyptian Girl


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