Let’s be Angry #july8

This post is basically some random thoughts I had last night after an interesting and heated conversation with a co-revolutionary. It had nothing to do with anger and in fact, none of us were angry at the time. However, it sparked these thoughts that I wanted to share as we prepare for July 8, 2011, the beginning of yet another sit-in.

We are an emotional people, we are dynamic people, and we are a very angry people. We show our anger in visible ways, in large displays of emotions, and it is as though without the visible display of anger we would not feel as if anyone would take us seriously. It is a deeply emotional anger and in all honesty it is the easiest type of anger.

However, I’ve got to thinking. There is another type of anger. The anger that is dry of emotion. It’s hard to envision but just imagine not being controlled by anger and just imagine being free of the physical exhaustion of being angry.

Which is more effective? The second for sure, because everyone has to have an outlet to anger and so the second type of anger, dry anger will lead to action and solution and not just displays of emotion.

July 8, maybe this dry anger will prevent problems and aggression with CSF and the Military. Maybe this anger will get us closer to our goals and not create unnecessary fights and violence. Just maybe.

Are we capable of doing that? I don’t know, since emotion is the natural expression of anger. But I guess we can try 🙂


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