Coptic Orphan NGO Banned

So, I wake up to this news from POMED, “Eight NGOs denied permission to operate in Egypt. Late on Monday, the Ministry of Insurance and Social Affairs refused to give permission to eight American NGOs to work in Egypt. An official source from the ministry said it had determined that the activites carried out by the NGOs would infringe on Egypt’s sovereignty. The list of excluded organizations includes the Carter Center, Seeds of Peace, and the Coptic Orphans Organization.”

Coptic Orphans Organization? Really? This will infringe on Egypt’s sovereignty?

Do they mean it infringes on their ability to abuse little children who do not have homes, families, futures, and who happen to be Christian? I mean, I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but just saying.

Isn’t it bad enough that adoption is illegal in this country? Isn’t it bad enough that we aren’t capable of even properly caring for the many orphans we have? I guess not, we must take it one step further.

I will write more later about this, get some solid research done about this and will see what the whole back story is as I’m sure there is a lot I do not know.

If you hear anything, send it along.


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