The boy with eyes in love

Poem written January 30, 2008. Was reminded of this today, so I’m reposting it.


It’s odd to think it true at all
But in fact it’s only simple
The boy I know not, even his name
Simply loved me

In only one look and a glance
I saw it in his face
Only when he dared, though
To look me in the eyes

It wasn’t lust, greed or desire
No, a simple look of love
Quiet, calm and terrified
I caught the look, only me

And in a way I have to say
It’s rare to ever find that,
And so I loved him back
The boy with eyes in love.

2 thoughts on “The boy with eyes in love

  1. Send me the password, please. Promise your old teacher won’t give it out!


    Sent with an Old World flourish from my iPhone

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