Sectarianism: Post-Sit-in Dispersal

This post is dedicated to tracking the most recent wave of sectarian attacks across Egypt. The format has recently changed due to the sheer volume of data. Currently, everything is in a DATABASE instead of list format. If the database is not opening please contact us. The original format is saved, for those who need it for blog purposes, please contact us.

The blog was started and is managed by Mai El-SadanyAmir Beshay, and myself, Amira Mikhail. A sincere thanks goes to @Sleipne and Catie Burleson for the database development, and to Mina Fayek for contributing a lot of time to assist in the aggregation of information.

Please note that this is a work-in-progress and is being updated on a regular basis. Information so far is unverified although most is backed up with tweets and photos. We are hoping to continue the efforts to verify details. If you have any corrections or updates to church names, photos, or details, please reach out to or my twitter.

A similar project is Into Oblivion by @moftasa and @MaliciaRogue.

To date we have recorded 132 attacks, 8 deaths, and a handful of cases of abuse, injuries, and kidnappings. Below are resources and statistics that may be of use. The list of churches and institutions is listed here.

Deaths and Injuries

  • Iskandar Tos, Barber, 60-year-old | Dead | Ahram (Arabic)
  • Two Christians killed when Mermaid boat was burned | Minya | Personal contact | Aug 14
  • Ramy Zakaria | Alexandria | Dead | Twitter (Arabic)
  • Abanoub 14-year-old| Beni Maza, Minya | Injured | Twitter
  • Mina Rafat Aziz | Alexandria | Killed | Twitter, Facebook, ElBaladNews (Video), Twitter, Twitter
  • Malek Emil Attia, 23-year-old | Tahtah, Sohag | Injured, shot in the head | al-Mogaz
  • Maged | Minya | Stabbed thirty times, alive | Personal contact, in process of verifying now
  • Six christian farmers were kidnapped for a ransom, security forces ensured their release | Qena | CNN (Arabic)، Masrawy (Arabic) | Aug 17
  • Fawzy Moured | Killed | Ezbet al-Nekhl, Cairo, | Anba Ermia (Arabic), Funeral clip
  • Relative to the Mayor (and the relatives son in law) | Killed, shot on their way to Deir al-Moharraq, seems to be unrelated to sectarian strife | Saraqna, Qusiya, Assuit | Twitter, Coptic Orphans 1, Coptic Orphans 2 | Aug 20
  • Kidnapping of one local, returned after settlement probably involving a ransom, also seems unrelated to sectarian strife |  Saraqna, Qusiya, Assuit | Personal contact | Aug 19

Reactions and Statements

Muslim Brotherhood:

  • Muslim Brotherhood in Helwan: (Summary) Based off of the actions of Pope Tawadros and Christians in Egypt, they deserve these attacks on churches and their institutions. “For every action, a reaction.” FJP Helwan Facebook (Arabic), MBInEnglish
  • Gehad al-Haddad: “We condemn all attacks on houses of worships and condemn police treachery in leaving thugs to vandalize while focusing on killing protesters.” (Twitter)
  • Mohamed Saad al-Azhary (former member of the constituent assembly 2012): (Translation) “I strongly condemn the burning of churches for two reasons. 1) Whoever does this ruins the image of the protesters. 2)  Who in their right mind would burn waste?” Facebook (Arabic) | (Link has been removed)
  • Brotherhood declare Friday prayers in the evangelical church in Minya after converted to a mosque | El Fagr (Arabic) | Aug 15


  • Statement by His Grace Bishop Angaelos | The Coptic Orthodox Church UK | Coptic Center | Aug 8
  • Father Makarios, priest in Minya | “We called and the police did not come.” | Christian-Dogma (Video) |Aug 14
  • Press Release | Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate Archdiocese of North America | NA Copts | Aug 15
  • EIPR Report on Wave of Attacks on Copts and Churches in Egypt | EIPR (Arabic)
  • Press Release | Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate Archdiocese of North America | NA Copts | Aug 23

Reporting and Media

  • Egyptian Protesters Turn Fury on Coptic Christians | ABC News | Aug 15
  • ‘Horrible’: Christian churches across Egypt stormed, torched | CNN | Aug 16
  • USCIRF Condemns Violence in Egypt | USCIRF | Aug 16
  • Witness Accounts of Sectarian Attacks Across Egypt | The New York Times, The Lede | Aug 16


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176 thoughts on “Sectarianism: Post-Sit-in Dispersal

    1. Rady, Hard to know for sure and as you can see, I did not place blame on anyone. However, the rhetoric the MB have used on Raba’a stage and their general media campaigns, has been sectarian against Christians and others…and there is also a very clear correlation (not necessarily cause and effect) with the dispersal and the attacks.

  1. Reblogged this on The Wanderer and commented:
    A list of sectarian attacks after the dispersal of the Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins yesterday compiled by Amira Mikhail, Mai El-Sadany, and myself…

  2. First: El-Minya Governorate:
    Minya Governorate registered the highest losses of targeted Copts and the burning of churches in the three centers is Minya and Deir Mawas, Bani Mazar, came as follows:.
    1 – in the village Delga, which was attacked on July 4, following a statement by the General El-Sisi
    – Burning the monastery of Virgin Mary and St.Abram and inside the contents of the ancient Church of the Virgin Mary and the Church of St. George and services building and the residence of the Bishop and nursery.”
    – Attacking and destroying and looting and burning more than 20 house of the Copts
    – The killing of Coptic called Iskandar in the village of Delga after storming his house and shooting him
    – The burning of a church (El-Eslah) in Deir Mawas
    – Burning the house of Father Angelos the priest of the Church of the Virgin Mary and Saint Abram.

    2 – Attacking the Church of St. Mina in the area of Abou Helal in El-Menia and burning the entrance and building services, interface and Medical Center.
    3 – Burning area Evangelical Church.
    4 – Burning the entire Church of St.Tadros the martyrs.
    5 – Burning the Church of (salvation of souls) (Khalas el nefous)
    6 – Burning the School and the nuns of St. Joseph monastery
    7 – Attacking the Church of St. Moses the Black and throwing Molotov bottles.
    8 – burning of the church of Saint John
    9 – attack on the Church of the Virgin Mary
    10 – Burn Association of Jesuit and Frere of the Catholic Church
    11 – Burning Copts School Secondary School For Boys
    12 – burn Copt shelter for children “soldiers of Christ” and the transfer of 24 children to another place
    13 – the burning of the Evangelical Church in Abu Hilal
    14 – Burn Center Baptist Church in Beni Mazar
    15 – cracking and looted several shops and Pharmacies and some cars owned by Copts
    16 – attack a boat of the Evangelical Church at Cornish El-Minya
    17 – Burn YMCA Club

    Second: the governorate of Assiut
    1_ burning church St.John Baptist at Abnoub
    2 – Burn the Church of the Advantest
    3 – Burn the Apostolic Church in Assiut
    4 – Burning the Church of St.George
    5 – Attack on the Archangel Michael Church
    6 – The siege of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese at Abu Tig
    7 – Attack on the homes and property of Copts in the
    8 – Burning of the Church of Saint Therese
    Third: Fayoum Governorate
    1 – Burning the church of Virgin Mary
    2 – Burning Church of St.Tadros
    3 – Burning the Church of St.Demiana
    4 – Break-ins and looting the contents of the Evangelical Church in the village of Alzaraby
    5 – Burning the Society of Bible Friends
    Fourth: Giza Governorate
    1 – Burning the church of Archangel Michael at Kerdasa
    2 – Break-ins and looting the contents of the Diocese Atfeeh
    3 – Trapping the church at Atfeeh.
    4 – Siege of the Church of the Virgin Mary.
    Fifth: Suez Governorate

    1 – The burning of the ancient Greek church in Paradise Street for Catholics
    2 – Storming and burning of the school and the Church of the Good Shepherd
    3 – Burn Franciscan School
    Sixth: North Sinai Governorate
    – The burning of the Church of St. George
    Seventh: Sohag Governorate
    – The burning of the Church of St.George (The Diocese) in Sohag
    Eighth: the province of Luxor
    – Burning a number of shops and property of Copts in Karnak Temple Street
    Ninth: Beni Suef Governorate:
    Burning the School of Catholic nuns and occupying it.
    – threwing stones at St.George Church at El-Wasty

    Several cases of partial encroachment and harassment following churches:
    1. St.Mark Church of Catholic Copts in El-Minya (throwing stones and attempt of intrusion)
    2. Church of the Jesuit Fathers in El-Minya (attempt to storm the throwing of stones, Brick)
    3. St. George Church,Bakos, Alexandria, (launching shots)
    4. Church of Saint Maximus in 45 Street Alexandria (throwing stones)
    5. Diocese of Mallawi, Minya Governorate, (launching shots + Molotov + stones)
    6. Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Deir Mawas Minya (shots + Molotov + stones)
    7. Diocese of Saint John the Baptist Qusiya, Assiut (throwing stones)
    8. Church of the Virgin Mary at Kafr Abdou, 6 October (shots + stones)

  3. Revolting, and not one western Gouvernment is doing something. But everybody is concerned about the poor little Islamfaschists-The Muslimbrothers.

  4. Thanx for all the members sharing in this great work and we hope every body can write in english specially those who have friends in USA and Europe to join and share to deliver the truth to the western world as we trust in God who can augment our voice and vision.

    1. Ahmed, I was delighted to read your comment. While I have strong feelings against the MB, because I feel that they have two faces, I thank God for Muslims who speak out against this violence– many American Muslims openly condemn it as well. It takes courage to stand up and say what you said and I applaud that. As a Muslim who feels this way, you are in a powerful position to effect positive change in your country because you are in the majority, but have empathy for those in the minority. I hope that God uses you to reach out to victims of this violence, whoever they may be, and show them love. I believe He has a call on your life and can use your perspective for good. Who knows? He might even use you to save lives.

  5. We all support our good army in his actions toward what is said El Ekhwan el Muslimin whom they do not belong to Islam . For anyone have doubts should read their black history since 1948

    1. Naglaa, please only speak for yourself. I do not support the army, good or evil, in the violence that we witnessed in October 2011, all of 2012, and now in 2013, even against the Muslim Brotherhood…Thank you, Amira

  6. للنشر :
    بيان بالعربية والانجليزية من حملة ملاحقة اوباما دوليا يحمل اوباما المسئولية كاملة عن جرائم الارهاب المسلح الذي تقوم به جماعة الاخوان في مصر

    أدان الناشط الحقوقي والسياسي المصري جرجس بشرى الخطاب الذي وجهه الرئيس الأمريكي باراك حسين أوباما

    بشأن الأوضاع في مصر ،
    Gergis Boushra, the Egyptian human rights and politicial activist condmens the message delivered by President Barak Obaama on the ongoing incidents in Egypt now.
    واعتبره تدخلا في الشأن المصري الداخلي وتحديا سافرا لإرادة جموع المصريين الذين فوضوا السلطات المصرية للمحاربة الإرهاب وجماعات الإخوان المسلمين الإرهابية المسلحة التي تدعمها إدارة باراك اوباما بالسلاح والمال والآلة الإعلامية
    Boushra considered this message as an intervention in the internal affairs of Egypt and an unwise challenge to the will of the Egyptians mass who authorized the Egyptian state to fight terrorism and the terrorist armed Muslim Brotherhood Group supported along by Obama’s administration with arms and finances and also the media machine.
    ورفض بشرى اتهام الحكومة المصرية باستخدام العنف في فض تظاهرات الاخوان ، متجاخلا إرهاب الجماعة للشعب المصري وحرق مؤسساته ومقرات اقسام الشرطة والكنائس وقتل ميليشيات الرئيس المعزول محمد مرسي وجماعته المصريين ،
    Boushra refused the accusation to the Egyptian cabinet for using violence to disperse the Ikhwan sits-in demonstrators ignoring the terrorism practised by the MB group on the Egyptians, burning the states’ foundations, police stations, Christians’ Churches and the killing practised by the MB group militias on the innocent unarmed Egyptians.
    وحمل بشرى اوباما شخصبا المسئولية كاملة عما حدث في مصر من حرق وتدمير للمنشآت والكنائس وترويع للمواطنين على يد انصار الرئيس المعزول الذين حملوا السلاح في مواجهة المصريين وبأوامر امريكية ،
    Boushra sets Obama fully responsible for the ongoing violence in Egypt, burning and demolishing foundations, Churches, terrifying humble innocent citizens, by the pro Mursi supporters armed with weapons to fight the Egyptians but with commands from U.S.A.
    مؤكدا ان الحملة تسعى حاليا في إجراءات مقاضاة اوباما دوليا أمام المحكمة الجنائية الدولية بتهمة دعم الإرهاب والجماعات المسلحة في مصر ودول ثورات الربيع العربي وارتكاب جرائم حرب في هذه الدول لا تسقط بالتقادم
    Boushra confirms that the Campaign against Obama seeks to file a case against him front of the International Criminal Court with charges of supporting terrorism and the armed militias in Egypt and the Arab spring countries, as committing such crimes in these countries doesn’t end by the limitation status codes of law

  7. Oh, our Lord, Jesus Christ, help your people! Keep them safe! Give your peace into this coutry! You are Holy One!

  8. Thank you for the efforts to document the horrific details that are happening as we speak in Egypt. If not too much trouble, could you please include the dates that each event took place. God bless your many efforts.

  9. I seem to remember hearing about churches being attacked BEFORE the troops dispersed the sit ins . . . if dates could be put on the above events, it would leave no doubt as to whether these actions caused the police action, or were in retaliation. In any case, retaliation should be aimed at the authorities, not third parties.

    1. I have about 60 listed. I wouldn’t be surprised if it reaches 82 but I don’t have those numbers documented.

      On Fri, Aug 16, 2013 at 1:44 PM, Amira Mikha

  10. Thank you for sharing the truth as best you know it. As a Christian, I want to help, but don’t know the proper response (besides to pray). Does anyone have any suggestions?

    1. We are working on writing a piece of how people can help… check back soon. Thank you both for prayers and your concern…

  11. My heart is with Egypt, I thank you for your bravery in fighting terrorist and extremists I pray to God to let victory be yours and peace for your country. God keep you and bless you..

  12. Tell us where is police n military, many number of churchs is being torched
    Its means all forces of Egypt are busy to killing protestors
    Or Muslims brotherhood
    Our views all forces assure all churchs n Muslims
    Worship places
    Thanks 2 report
    Can u report of all mosques which is burns or attack
    Where mosques are hitted by gov on muslims brotherhood
    Thanks a lots

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