Minya In Photos: Sectarian Violence Destroys Churches

These photos were taken and sent by locals from various areas of Minya. These photos are copyrighted to the owners and are not to be linked except through this post.

Each photo is captioned with what it is.

7 thoughts on “Minya In Photos: Sectarian Violence Destroys Churches

  1. Attack on Coptic churches have been going on for years and now it’s clear that Christians have no future in Egypt. Their demands for asylum should be prioritized in every civilized country. It is scandalous that the media like BBC or CNN focus on Muslim victims of violence and barely mention the plight of the Christian minority. Personally, I’m revolted by the apathy of our Western culture concerning this problem. Shame on us! As for Egypt, I fear Algeria of the 1990’s: numerous atrocities, over 100,000 deaths, all of it ending in sheer exhaustion on both sides and an uneasy truce. Sometimes, I think religion was invented by the Devil.

  2. Sorry for my english. I am angry on my country and Europe. They are rarely speaking about the atrocities and attacks to christians and copts. Our countries have to refuse all islamic terrorists because they begin to do the same in France, England….. attack on inocent people and soldiers (throat cut)

  3. Religion is not invented by the devil, but some religions that are not a religion but a political ideology pretending to be a religion, are invented by the devil.

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