Translation of ISIS Statement “A Call to Our Proud Tribes in Sinai”

February 17, 2015

To our people in Sinai: All of you have seen the crimes committed by the Egyptian army in Sinai, killing Muslims and burning their bodies, tearing down mosques and homes. You all saw the army bombing safe homes day and night, and destroying farms and wells. We remind of this knowing that it is not far from your minds, and that all of you have lost a brother or a family member or had a house torn down. At the very least, you have suffered in your livelihood. What people do not know is that this is a plan to remove the people of Sinai and create camps for the army’s Jewish overlords. This menace, Sisi, has said multiple times that his war in Sinai is to protect his Jewish neighbors. His loyalties are made clear.

As the Quran says (quote from Quran here), everyone participating in this war has therefore forfeited Islam, which is also true for the agents and spies from the tribes who have sold their religion. If they die in that state, they lose in both life and eternity.

Our strong tribes, we call on you to absolve yourselves of these evildoers, kick them out from amongst you, not sit with them or ride with them lest you receive the same fate as they receive from the mujahedin. We swear that there will be no mercy to anyone going down that road except beheading unless they repent before they are beaten. We therefore repeat the invitation to anyone participating in this: Return to Allah in repentance, which he may accept; and show your repentance to the mujahedin before they reach you. Do not be late, our list is long and our swords are sharpened and will not rest until Allah has judged between you and us.

Our final message is to our own families and tribes: Stand with your sons among the mujahedin. We swear that we have only gone out to support Allah’s religion and to protect your blood and reputation. We are of you and you of us, and you have seen how Allah has supported us against the criminals with even with our small numbers and equipment. How the more so if you stand at our backs, defend your religion, and take your revenge. Know that we fight them with the power of our religion, so be not fooled by their numbers or strength.

Strong Tribes


Translation provided to Eshhad by Amir Beshay

via @locka3

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