#FreeAya – 900 days in prison

aya-hijazi-photoAya Hijazi, Mohamed Hassanein (Aya’s husband), and 5 other volunteers have been in prison for 900 days. Their crime: starting the Belady Foundation that was helping street children. Slammed with bogus, false, and ridiculous charges, they have been held in detention beyond the two-year legal maximum permitted by Egypt’s own law.

This is a particularly important subject in my own life and I found it strangely interesting that three years after I left Egypt to become a lawyer to help street children, I ended up working my first job on protecting a young woman who was doing exactly the same thing, helping Egypt’s children.

She could have been me or any of the wonderful activists, advocates, lawyers, and friends that have dedicated their lives to helping the thousands of children who have been not been given the support of their family or their government.

Help her family, today and every day until she is free, to maintain pressure on the Egyptian government and the US government to free Aya, her husband, and every member of the Belady Foundation.

Her next trial hearing is on November 19. She should be freed before that date. She should have been released a long time ago, especially given the fact that there is not a single piece of evidence against her except coerced testimonies from ‘her kids’ who were arrested the same day she was. She should never have been arrested in the first place.

For more information about Aya’s case: https://freeaya.com/

Join us through the hashtag #freeaya today and sign this petition. Like the Facebook page and share the website.

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