The Clouds You Yearn to Be

I am grey, I am black, I am silver, I am pink, orange, purple;

I am colorless. I am darkness.

I let light seep through me, I block it, and I reflect it.

I march across the skies in silent testimony, watching earth below; I stop to pound upon the earth, with crashes and bangs of anger;

I break for shining moments of glory, and wrap around in moments of grief.

I leak tears of joy and sadness; vanish to parts unknown; I scream anger, flash fire, or hover in cold mist on your skin.

Walk or fly through me if you want to feel me, watch my form change and shift with every gust of wind. I’ll twist, I’ll float, I’ll dance, I’ll curl, or I’ll connect into a sea of rolling grace.

I hold memories, I am fleeting; I am steady, yet ever changing. I am the clouds you yearn to be.

(from a plane ~~ January 22, 2015)

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