I am a J.D. holder from American University Washington College of Law. Following graduation, I worked at Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights as a legal fellow. During my time at WCL, I interned for the International Refugee Assistance Project, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, and the International Justice Program at Human Rights Watch. Additionally, I worked as a research assistant for the Chairperson of the Committee Against Torture, as a student attorney in the UNROW Human Rights Impact Litigation Clinic, and provided pro bono assistance to the Impact Litigation Project at WCL.

I currently am a Nonresident Fellow at the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy where I co-founded and now lead Eshhad, a project that documents sectarian incidents in the Middle East. I received her B.A. in Psychology at Covenant College. Twitter: @amiramikhail
Email: amikhail@timep.org

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  1. the arabs men want their proplems to be sorted out today or tomoro or even in one year, my dearsmen with mestatshes dont forgot that your governments deeped these proplems in tens of years.these proplems are deep and wide hurd to pick up from their roots. and do not forgot that you are slaw in your moves and careles see how long it takes you to recognize your duty to do something about it and look to syeria and you are all men you are creating groups and groups to fight eachother that means more conflictions and more conflictions means more fighting between this groups more fighting means wars . do you know what yo

  2. Dear Amira, am impressed by the website. Your heart is in the right place.

    One STRONG recommendation for the blog: could you post links of organizations where people can donate to help rebuild some of the scores of churches, schools, homes, etc. of Egyptian Christians lost in the post-August 14 rage?

    It was depressing today (over half a month later) doing a web search of Coptic and other charities to find that almost no one seems to have picked up on this horror yet except the Coptic diocese of Melbourne, Australia. (At least there’s no special fund or announcement on the homepages.) It’s like Copts have merely accepted the losses and have moved on, leaving charred hulks and homeless parishioners. Sad and unnecessary. People will want to help!

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