#FreeAya – 900 days in prison

Aya Hijazi, Mohamed Hassanein (Aya’s husband), and 5 other volunteers have been in prison for 900 days. Their crime: starting the Belady Foundation that was helping street children. Slammed with bogus, false, and ridiculous charges, they have been held in detention beyond the two-year legal maximum permitted by Egypt’s own law. This is a particularly important subject … More #FreeAya – 900 days in prison

#dailyupdate: on spiritual heartbreak and countering extremism

A few days ago, I was working on this 50 page research paper that is dealing with sectarianism in the Egypt, Iraq, and Syria. I’ve tried to avoid dealing with Sharia law in general because I simply do not know enough and haven’t had time to do proper research. However, I realized that I had … More #dailyupdate: on spiritual heartbreak and countering extremism

#dailyupdate: prayer candles and jinn

I read a book this winter called “Birds Without Wings.” Truly a masterpiece about villagers in a small, remote village in Turkey during the fall of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey’s beginning days. It was unique for many reasons particularly the style of how the author presented the story: short stories of different members of the village; … More #dailyupdate: prayer candles and jinn