Be Egyptian

Dear Egyptian Christians, This post is for you. You are a minority. You are Christian. You are Egyptian. And you are afraid. This post is not to tell you that you are silly for being afraid, nor is it to tell  you that what you are afraid of doesn’t exist. This post is to tell … More Be Egyptian

What is Democracy

In the first few days after our victorious revolution, we begin to ask ourselves the questions that put off on Feb 11, 2011. What next? We cannot escape from the reality that there is a lot left to do now. We are all uncertain of what lies next but must engage now in the strong … More What is Democracy

Our Own Wax Man

Our Own Wax Man By AmiraM Have you not heard the noise outside your door? Or are you too old to hear? Haven’t seen the pain in our eyes? Or have you no heart to care? Have you felt the tremble of grief? Are you even alive? We laugh and dance, we scream, we weep, … More Our Own Wax Man