What do Egyptian Muslims say?

Thanks all! Polls closed! A few quick questions…will not be published anywhere so answer freely! Please spread, I need as many answers in the next 24 hours possible! If you are not an Egyptian Muslim, please leave comments only. This survey is just to gauge Egyptian Muslim attitudes towards Christians.

Violence in Imbaba

Last night we witnessed more deaths and injuries and violence in Imbaba, and as a result, the situation in Egypt grows more grave. Again, the Salafis say it’s because of a girl who converted to Islam and then was kidnapped and held in an apartment near the Imbaba church. #sigh. I am constantly amazed at … More Violence in Imbaba

Be Egyptian

Dear Egyptian Christians, This post is for you. You are a minority. You are Christian. You are Egyptian. And you are afraid. This post is not to tell you that you are silly for being afraid, nor is it to tell ¬†you that what you are afraid of doesn’t exist. This post is to tell … More Be Egyptian