Evangelical Church, Beni Mazar | ألكنيسة الانجيلية ببني مزار 5

This was originally published on EgyptSource. Following the violent and bloody dispersal of the month-long pro-Mohamed Morsi sit-ins in Raba’a al-Adaweya and al-Nahda, a wave of attacks spread across Egypt leaving close to one hundred churches and Christian properties attacked, damaged, or fully destroyed. While there are only a few reported deaths, this is the largest, most […]

Deir al-Moharraq

Recently news spread of the killing of the mayor of Saraqna, a village in Assuit, and his son-in-law. We have called relatives, as this is my village (of origin), to get more details and I’m sharing some clarifications below. Please take note: this is all information that was given to us personally and not from […]

Evangelical Church, Abu Hilal | الكنيسة الانجيلية بابو هلال المنيا 1

These photos were taken and sent by locals from various areas of Minya. These photos are copyrighted to the owners and are not to be linked except through this post. Each photo is captioned with what it is.

church burning

This post is dedicated to tracking the most recent wave of sectarian attacks across Egypt. The format has recently changed due to the sheer volume of data. Currently, everything is in a DATABASE instead of list format. If the database is not opening please contact us. The original format is saved, for those who need it […]


.Mohamed ElBaradei’s official resignation originally received in Arabic by email. Translation by Jay Roddy His Excellency Adly Mansour, Esq. President of the Republic I submit to you my resignation from the position of Vice-President of the Republic. I pray to God Almighty that he would protect our beloved Egypt from all evil, that he would […]

Official statement by the National Salvation Front published today, received originally by email in Arabic. Translation by Jay Roddy and Nawal Hegazy. Today, Egypt lifted her head high, announcing to the world her victory over not only all political forces that seek to traffic in the name of religion in Egypt and the region, but also […]


Update: Another Christian was let in…see note at the bottom. I was informed of a press conference that Muslim Brotherhood were hosting today, August 9, 2013, at the National Press Club in Washington DC. The conference is to be followed by a protest tomorrow in Freedom Plaza on August 10. I headed over this morning, […]

Restoring Shalom

Listen pilgrim, there are no roads. Roads are made by walking.

Egyptian Streets

Independent Media


From the photo editors of TIME

Street Girls - بنات شوارع

Notes from my research on female street children in Egypt

A stranger everywhere

For stories without a home


Documenting Egypt's Constitution-Drafting Process

Operation Egypt

Global solidarity with the people of Egypt

The Wanderer

Not all those who wander are lost - J.R.R. Tolkien


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